Frequently asked question Bank's response
1 How can I repay a credit during non-work hours? During non-work hours you can repay a credit in the following ways:
  • Through information and payment terminal;
    To do this, you need to specify on the terminal screen the bank contract number and IIN.
  • Through depositing cash in ATMs using the function Cash in;
  • By transferring money in online banking "Online VTB" from a card/deposit to the current account.
2 What are the Bank’s requirements for obtaining a credit without collateral? The basic requirements to the Borrower:
  • Should be a resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Age from 22 years old to retirement age;
  • Uninterrupted length of service at the current place of employment should be at least 12 months;
  • Total length of service should be at least 2 years;
  • Existence of positive credit history.
3 What documents are required to obtain a credit?
  1. Application form for credit;
  2. Identity document of the Borrower/Pledger;
  3. Document, specifying and confirming the Borrower's salary.

The Bank may request additional documents.
4 What is the annuity method of repayment (annuity payment)? Annuity repayment method is a way of credit repayment when you repay your credit monthly by equal payments. The exception is the final payment, which may differ from the monthly payment because it is a rest payment.

Annuity payment includes principal amount and interest accrued on the credit. Currently, the vast majority of banks use this scheme for calculating monthly payment. This scheme is convenient, because you always know how much you should pay under the credit.
5 Within which period does the Bank take a decision to provide a credit? The period for the consideration of the application for credit completed in the branch of the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) may vary from 30 minutes to 1-5 working days (under the product «Cash credit»).
6 Whom can I contact for more information about the credit? You can get information using the following ways:
7 What will happen if I forget to repay the credit on time? If you forgot to make a monthly payment, make it as soon as possible using any possible way to repay the credit.

For non-payment of monthly payment within the period specified in the repayment schedule you will be charged a forfeit/penalty according to the Bank credit contract, as well as your credit history will worsen.
8 I get my salary to the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) card. Do you have a special offer for me? Yes. You can enjoy a personal offer under the product “Cash loan”.