Currency exchange

Frequently asked question Bank's response
1 How can I find out the exchange rate in the Bank? You can find the addresses of ATMs with the function “Cash in” in the following ways:
  • By calling during business hours (Monday-Friday from 08.00 to 19.00) to the Contact center via 5050 - toll-free call from your mobile phone;
  • On the Bank's website.
2 Why does the exchange rate specified on the site differ from the exchange rate in the Bank branch?

Where can I find information on, for example, for Uralsk town?
The Bank's website specifies the currency exchange rate for Almaty city.

The currency exchange rates for other cities you can find out during business hours by calling the Contact center of the Bank via 5050 toll-free call from your mobile phone.
3 What types of currencies does your Bank handle? Currently, exchange transactions for natural persons are available in national currency-tenge and in three foreign currencies (United States dollar, Euro and Russian ruble).