Term deposits/Deposits

Frequently asked question Bank's response
1 What documents are required to open a deposit? For a resident:
Passport or identity card.

For a non-resident:
An identity document (passport of foreign citizen; migration card, certificate of registration, IIN received in RK).
2 Can I replenish or partially withdraw money from my deposit in another city or branch of the Bank (not in place where I have opened a deposit)? Yes, you can.

But in order to close a deposit you must apply to the branch where you have opened a deposit.
3 Can anyone besides me put money on my deposit? Yes, for this purpose it is necessary to specify:
  • information about depositor of monetary funds: full name and identity document number;
  • information about your deposit: deposit contract number, your full name and your identity document number.
4 For what period can I open a deposit with the Bank? You can open a deposit for any period offered by the Bank, which is convenient for you: 1, 3, 9 months, 1 year and 2 years.
5 How is interest accrued on a deposit? Interest on a deposit is accrued monthly on the last calendar day of each month during the deposit period and on the day of the expiration/renewal of the deposit.
6 How can I find out how much money was accrued on my deposit as income? The Internet banking “Online VTB” is at your service.
You can also get this information from the manager at any branch of the Bank.
7 Is it possible to manage a deposit in Internet-Banking system without payment card of the Bank? No, in order to manage accounts in Internet banking system you need a payment card of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan).
8 Can I use a deposit opened in Kazakhstan in one of the banks-members of the VTB Group? No, this service is not available.
9 Can I open a savings account for a minor (child)? No, VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) does not provide savings accounts to persons under the age of 18 years old.
10 Is the customer's savings account prolonged automatically according to the current terms and conditions, or the customer must come to the branch and renew the contract under new terms and conditions? If the Depositor does not claim the deposit amount on the end date of deposit placement, the bank deposit contract shall be deemed to be automatically prolonged from the date following the date of the expiration of the deposit period, for the same period and under the same terms and conditions, with the exception of size of remuneration under the deposit.

If the Bank takes a decision to terminate this type of deposit stipulated by the contract, the contract shall not be prolonged; in this case if a Depositor does not claim the deposit amount on the end date of deposit placement, the money shall be placed in an account without accrual and payment of remuneration.
11 Will the Bank apply a penal sanction in the event of early termination of the bank deposit contract? In case of early (before the end of the period of deposit amount placement) return/withdrawal of the entire amount of the deposit (or withdrawal of part of it, which would reduce the minimum deposit amount (minimum balance)), including on the grounds and in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
  • If the actual period of the deposit amount placement is less than 1 (one) calendar month in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bank deposit contract the remuneration shall not be accrued and paid;
  • If the actual period of the deposit amount placement is 1 (one) and more than one calendar month the accrued (paid) remuneration shall be recalculated and paid at the rate corresponding to ½ of the rate fixed by the bank deposit contract for the actual number of days of deposit placement.
In this case, the difference between the remuneration paid in accordance with the provisions of the bank deposit contract and remuneration recalculated according to this provision shall be returned by withholding by the Bank from the deposit amount upon the final settlement.
12 Is rate of remuneration fixed for the entire period of the deposit placement upon the conclusion of the bank deposit contract? Rate of remuneration for the deposit shall remain unchanged throughout the entire period of the deposit amount placement.

The Bank may change (increase, decrease) the size of remuneration for the deposit, as well as a rate on demand upon prolongation of the deposit amount placement period.
13 May I give a power of attorney to a third party for the right to use my savings account? The customer is entitled to give a power of attorney to a third party for the right to use his/her savings account in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
14 Do I need to notify the Bank in advance about the withdrawal of the Deposit amount? Yes, if the amount of the withdrawal exceeds 7 000 000 (seven million) tenge, or equivalent in foreign currency, the Depositor is obliged to notify the Bank about his/her intention to withdraw money 5 calendar days prior to the date of their withdrawal.