Security card and PIN

Useful tips for payment card holders:

Keep your Card in place out of reach of unauthorized persons; do not leave it off hand in public places, for example in a restaurant, in a hotel, at work. In order to avoid damage to the Card, do not expose the Card
to thermal, electromagnetic, or mechanical impact. If as a result of damage the Card cannot be used for carrying out transactions, immediately contact the Bank to reissue the Card. Write down the telephone numbers of the Bank and always have this information in your possession.

Upon making a withdrawal, it is recommended to use ATMs of the banks, which are known to you; Keep the PIN code, the Card validity period and CVV2 code in confidence. Do not give your Card to third parties. Do not give your Card to your relatives. If necessary, release Additional Cards for them. Do not tell to outsiders the personal
information – this is information, agreed with the Bank for the purpose of your identification as a Cardholder: code word, passwords, identity card data, the Card and Account numbers, passwords, PIN-code. The Bank does not recommend you to disclose personal information to unknown parties, regardless of whom they claim to be, since these data may be used to carry out illegal actions, as a result of which the material and moral damage may be caused to you.

Do not use personal information in order to participate in sweepstakes, etc., even if they promise you that the participation is free of charge. Do not disclose personal information via the telephone in public places and in the presence of outsiders who may hear this information and use it for their own purposes in future. Do not leave documents containing your personal information unattended in public places, including in the office, hotel, airport - everywhere, where they can become accessible to outsiders.

Try to refrain from storing personal information in plaintext on your computer, mobile phone, pocket PC. This information may become available to persons engaged in the service of this equipment, or attackers, which have managed to get access to it over the network or physically, by stealing it. Before you throw away paper documents with personal information, tear them into small pieces or use a shredder. In order to ensure removal of the information from the electronic media you should use special software programs, and, in cases where this is not possible, we recommend you to physically destroy the media.

Please note!

If your personal information has become known to third parties, you must immediately inform the Bank via telephones specified on the back of your Card.

3DSecure Safe online payments

Dear owners of payment cards issued by VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)!

Paying particular attention to the safety of transactions on the global network Internet using payment cards, the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) implemented connection of all its payment cards of Visa international payment system (including corporate ones) to 3-D Secure technology.

This technology ensures increased protection upon payment for the goods (works, services) by payment cards on the Internet.

3-D Secure technology allows the Bank to identify the cardholder, making online payment. 3-D Secure is used for all types of cards of Visa payment system (Verified by Visa program) issued by the Bank.

How works “Verified by Visa” program

1. In order to activate this service, the Client must complete an application form at any branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan): to activate the service “SMS-notice of card transactions”[1].

The clients who have previously activated the service “SMS-notice of card transactions” do not need to complete additional application forms due to the fact that the “Verified by Visa” service is automatically available for all types of cards.

Upon making payment in the online store that supports “Verified by Visa” program (Verified by Visa logo should appear on the website of the online store), you enter the following data:

1. Card number;

2. Card validity period;

3. Upon demand – last name and first name in Latin transliteration (as indicated on the face of the card);

4. CVV2 code (specified in the field "Signature specimen" on the back of the card).

After entering the required information, you will be redirected to the website of the Bank, where you must enter the one-time password into a specialized form containing details of the card transaction, in order to confirm the payment.

This password consists of 4 digits and comes via SMS – message to your mobile phone. The message also specifies the password validity period and password activation time in the system.

Please note that the password can be used only within 5 minutes from the moment of receipt of SMS message and only to confirm the card transaction, for which it was generated.

After receiving the one-time password to your mobile phone, you need to check the transaction details on the website and enter the password in the appropriate field.

If the password is entered correctly, the Client authentication has been carried out successfully (transaction shall be deemed carried out personally by the cardholder) and you return to the website of the inline store.

The online store on the basis of the positive result of the transaction authorization shall specify that payment via card has been made successfully.

If you incorrectly entered a one-time password, you will see the corresponding information message, and you will receive SMS-message with a new password.

Allowable number of incorrect entries of Dynamic password is 5 (five) times per day.

2. If you have not activated service “SMS-notice of card transactions”

In such a case, the “Verified by Visa” service will not be available on your card.

At that an opportunity to make transactions on the Internet without entering a one-time password remains.

Please note that in this case the payment safety is greatly reduced!

Attention please!

  • You can enter your one-time password only if in the address bar of your browser the following address is specified;

    you may not enter a password in any other addresses on the Internet.

List of countries with a high risk of fraud

Dear clients!

Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) informs you that, after using the Card in countries with a high risk of fraud, you should contact the Bank in order to reissue the Card. In case of failure to comply with this requirement and upon occurrence of fraudulent card transactions in connection with this, all expenses of the Bank, as well as damage caused to the Bank, shall be reimbursed by the Client to the Bank;

List of countries:

1. Australia

2. Argentina

3. Brazil

4. United Kingdom

5. Venezuela

6. Dominican Republic

7. Indonesia

8. Kenya

9. People's Republic of China

10. Colombia

11. Costa Rica

12. Lebanon

13. Luxembourg

14. Mauritania

15. Malaysia

16. Mexico

17. New Zealand

18. UAE

19. Pakistan

20. Panama

21. Russia

22. Saudi Arabia

23. Singapore

24. Thailand

25. Ukraine

26. Philippines

27. France

28. Chile

29. Ecuador

30. Republic of South Africa

31. Japan


[1] Price of the service “SMS-Notice” is stipulated by the current tariffs of the Bank.