Credit cards

International credit card from VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) is a modern and convenient method to pay for any goods and services. Wherever you are, the required amount is always at your fingertips.


  • opportunity to pay for goods and services worldwide within the credit limit provided by the Bank no-fee payment for goods and services;

  • financial reserve in case of unforeseen situations;

  • accrual of remuneration only on the used loan amount; if the credit limit is not used, there is no need to pay anything;

  • possibility of early repayment (both in cash and non-cash);

  • safety and high level of security of money on payment card;

  • revolving: amounts allocated for repayment can be used again;

  • presence of a grace period for repayment of the remuneration  

Target purpose

for any consumer needs

Type of loan

revolving credit line

Loan currency

Tenge, Russian Rouble   

Loan amount

Up to 2,000,000 Tenges (or equivalent amount in Russian Rubles)    

Interest rate/effective rate

23%/25,58% per annum    

Loan period

36 months

Debt repayment

Monthly repayment - 5% of the outstanding principal amount + interest to the Bank;

Grace period

Up to 2 calendar months    

Early repayment

At any time, without commission fees and penalties.


not required

Commission fees

According to the Bank's tariffs


Detailed consultation can be provided in any office of Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan)or by telephone 5050 (call is free from any mobile phone)