Online VTB is a remote service system; this is an access to your accounts and transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At any time you can pay for mobile communication services, public utilities, cable television, make money transfers, and many other things. At that there is no need to come to the Bank Branch; you can use Online VTB at your home, in the office or outside premises, from any computer connected to the Internet.



Possibility to receive SMS-notices on your mobile phone when carrying out your payment card transactions

An owner of any payment card of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) can activate the SMS-notice service via ATM (except for Visa Virtuon) or in a branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan). Activation via ATM:

1. Insert the card, information about which you want to receive on your mobile phone, into any ATM of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan).

2. Select the SMS-notice service - Subscribe on the ATM screen.

3. Enter your mobile phone number with the operator code, to which the Bank will send you SMS messages and agree to the terms and conditions of SMS-notice service delivery.

4. Receive a cheque. Verify on cheque the correctness of mobile phone number. If there is a mistake in phone number or phone number is specified without operator code – carry out via ATM the procedure "Abandon "SMS-notice" service", and then repeatedly carry out registration.

Activation via the bank branch:

Contact your nearest branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) and complete the Application form for activation of SMS-notice service.

Account replenishment

Account replenishment at any time via the Bank branches as well as through electronic self-service devices.



Make money transfers from your payment card to Visa payment card of any Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Receive money transfers to your Visa payment card of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) from payment cards of other Banks.

Transactions available via ATMs (except for Visa Virtuon)

1. Transfers from one card to another within the Bank to current and deposit accounts.

2. Transfers to Visa payment card of any Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. Activation of SMS-notice of transactions;

4. Automatic payment for services provided by: mobile communication operators; cable television; telephony; Internet-providers;

5. Changing the PIN code.

Change PIN (except Visa Virtuon)

For better security of your money, you have an opportunity to change PIN code through the Bank's ATMs.

Changing the PIN code using the ATM:

1. Insert the payment card into the ATM;

2. Enter the current PIN code;

3. Select "Change PIN code" operation in ATM menu;

4. Read on the ATM’s screen a warning about possible commission fee according to the Bank tariffs and if you agree, click the "Continue" or in case of refusal, click the "Cancel";

5. Enter 4 (four) digits of a new PIN-code;

6. Re-enter the new PIN code.