Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) offers individual customers to try distance Online VTB banking servicing in the context of the Internet Banking system.

RBS is efficient and, most importantly, very convenient way for the Client to interact with the Bank. There is no need to go to the Bank every time. You can manage your funds, as well as get a wide range of services online at any convenient time being in office or at home, in business trip or on vacation, having computer or smartphone near at hand.

Any holder of debit payment card of Subsidiary JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) can connect to the service of Internet-Banking.

For this purpose it is necessary to perform several basic consistent actions which are mandatory for all Clients of the Bank:

  1. Become the main owner of any payment card (Holder of main payment card) of the Bank;
  2. You must have your own personal mobile phone number which must be registered in the Bank;
  3. Together with payment card, along with PIN-code, get a separate envelope with non-personalized password for primary login into the Internet-Banking system;
  4. Visit the page of Internet-Banking system in the Internet
  5. Pass the authentication procedure, which requires you to enter the following parameters (the form to login into Internet-Banking system is located in the upper left corner of the screen): 
    а) login; 
    session code requested in the special window on the screen. 
    Read and accept the Terms of providing electronic banking services describing the basic conditions of using the system of remote banking service of the Bank.

Internet-Banking system provides registered users with the following services:

  1. Informational banking services: 
    This kind of services provides users with the ability to view: 
    a) information on all of their bank accounts (current, savings accounts); 
    b) information on credit obligations to the Bank; 
    c) information on balances and cash flow on their bank accounts for the specified period of time / as of a certain date; 
    d) invoices for payment exposed by service providers; 
    e) information on payments and money transfers conducted on the Client’s bank accounts; 
    f) information on exchange rates for the current date set by the Bank; 
    g) information on the conversion rates of the Bank on payment cards and transfer operations; 
    h) information on the conditions and the order of the provision of banking services by the Bank, including, but not limited to: bank loan, bank deposit; 
    i) information messages from the Bank to the Client and from the Client to the Bank; 
    j) other reference information at the discretion of the Bank. 

  2. Transactional banking services: 
    Payment transactions that allow users to pay for: 
    a) services of mobile operators; 
    b) cable television services; 
    c) telephony services; 
    d) public services; 
    e) cargo and passengers transportation services; 
    f) services of Internet-providers. 

    intrabank and interbank transfers: 
    a) conducting payments and money transfers from their bank accounts opened in the Bank; 
    b) from their bank accounts to any bank account opened in other bank; 
    c) purchase or sale of foreign currency. 

  3. Submitting electronic applications for: 
    a) getting a bank loan. 

  4. Additional services: 
    By means of Internet-Banking system users have an opportunity: 
    а) for urgent blocking of the payment card in case of loss or theft.