«Concierge» Service

The possibilities of Visa Infinite "Concierge" Service are really infinite. You are welcome to use a round-the-clock private assistant, who is ready to arrange for you a respective order or to provide any required service within the shortest possible time.

Visa Infinite "Concierge" Service is:

  • International servicing in more than 400 cities in 120 countries;
  • 24-hour phone support in 9 languages or by e-mail.

Procedure for client request to "Concierge" Service:

"Concierge" Service is always near the client – just at a distance of telephone call or e-mail. Only goods and services acquired by using "Concierge" Services shall be paid. At the first recourse to "Concierge" Service, the cardholder will be requested to provide the details for his/her identification and the information for contact, as well as the first six digits of his/her Visa card.

Contact details of "Concierge" Service:

Single telephone number for all services on Visa Premium Cards:

+7 727 399 0303 (for the international calls and calls in Kazakhstan);

8 800 333 4223 (free of charge for calls from landlines in Kazakhstan);

Russian-language operators provide servicing.