Top Guarantee


“Top guarantee” product from VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) is a provision of following guarantees:

  • tender guarantee with the post-tender obligations;
  • the post-tender guarantee of discharge of obligations;
  • guarantee of discharge of obligations (including – guaranty of quality);
  • guarantee of prepayment return (advance payment);
  • Guarantee of target usage of advance payment

Both in view of on-time issue and within the framework of established limit of crediting for juridical entities, residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan who having an operating contract with large customers of country.

Product characteristics


Limit term/guarantees

Not more than 24 months
Availability period – to 12 month

Sum of guarantee

Established individual

Currency of credit

Tenge, US dollars, EURO, Russian roubles and so on.

Credit provision

money, transferring into the open bank account of the client, contractually by which guarantee issue implements

Additional information

Simplified procedure of examination