Salary project

Payroll card program by VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) is:

  • Quick connection
  • Minimum set of documents
  • 1С integration
  • Delivery of cards
  • Immediate payroll accounting
  • Dedicated account manager

Benefits of the payroll card program for the organizations

Quick connection
File an application online ( or enquire with the branch bank.
1С Integration
You don’t need to reorganize the work of the accounting department: payroll card program is integrated with the 1C accounting system easily and free of charge.
Issue and delivery
VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will issue the cards and deliver all the payment cards to your organization.
Favorable terms
Commission for the payroll accounting – starting at under 0%.

The advantages of salary project for employees

· VISA International debit payment card

· Card issue – 0 KZT

· Annual service fee – 0 KZT

· Cash withdrawal from ATM network of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) for main cards – 0  (up to 500 000 KZT per month)

· Cash withdrawal from ATM network of other banks for main cards within and outside of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 0 % (up to 200 000 KZT per month)

· Cashback – 1 %

· Internet banking for individuals

· Mobile application

· Contactless payments

· SMS notification – 300 KZT

Execution of payroll card program is simple!

Step №1
Sign an agreement
for payroll card program. If your company has no current account in VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), you need to provide a set of documents, required to open the current account.
Step №2
File an application for issuance of payment cards
via the branch bank or remotely (via Bank officer).
Step №3
Enroll the
employees’ salary to the cards using Internet-banking for legal entities (receipt on a same day basis).