Internet banking

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) offers you remote banking services in the Internet banking system for individuals of “Online VTB”.

Any bank debit card holder can connect to the service.

Do this requires the performance of basic sequential actions, which are mandatory for all VTB customers:

  1. Become the main owner of any payment card (holder of the main payment card) of the bank;
  2. Have your own personal mobile phone number, which must be registered with the bank;
  3. Register at the Bank ATMs and information-payment terminals or at link;
  4. Read and accept the Terms of electronic banking service provision.

Online VTB Systm provides registered users with the following services:

  1. Information banking services:

    This type of service provides users with the ability to view:
    1. information on the status of all their bank accounts (current, savings);
    2. information on loan liabilities to the bank;
    3. information on balances and money flow in their bank accounts for a given period of time / at specified date;
    4. payment invoices issued by service providers;
    5. information on payments made and money transfers booked in the customer’s bank accounts;
    6. information on current exchange rates established by the bank;
    7. information on bank conversion rates on payment cards and transfer operations;
    8. information on the conditions and procedure for banking service provision:
    9. information messages from the bank to the customer and in reverse order;
    10. other reference data at the bank’s sole discretion.

  2. Electronic payment services:

    Payment transactions, which enable users to make:

    Payment for services of:
    1. mobile phone operators;
    2. cable television;
    3. telephony;
    4. utility bills;
    5. fines for administrative offenses and driving regulations violation;
    6. Internet service providers.

    1. card transfers between cards of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan);
    2. interbank transfers inside and outside the Bank in tenge and Russian rubles.

  3. Submission of electronic applications for:

    1. opening of current accounts;
    2. opening of deposits.