Online VTB is the remote service system and the access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can pay at any time for mobile services, utilities, cable television, and can make money transfers, and much more. However, it is not required to come to the Bank Branch, use VTB Online at home, in the office or outdoors, from any computer connected to Internet.


ATM transactions (except for Visa Virtuon)

1. Transfers from card to card within the Bank to current and deposit accounts.

2. Transfers from the Visa payment card of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) to the Visa payment card of any Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. Connection of SMS-notification on payment card transactions.

4. Connection to the Online VTB Internet Banking.

5. Automatic payment for services of the operators of mobile phones, cable television, telephony, Internet service providers and other service providers.

6. PIN number change.

7. Possibility of replenishing cards in ATMs with the Cash-in function.



Making electronic fund transfers from your Visa payment card to the Visa payment card of any Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Receiving electronic fund transfers from payment cards of other banks to your Visa / MasterCard payment card of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan).



Possibility of receiving SMS-notification with the phone when performing transaction on your payment card

The owner of any payment card of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) can be connected to the SMS-notification service through ATM (except for Visa Virtuon) or at the Branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan). Connection via ATM: 1. Insert the card, the information about which should be received with your mobile phone at your discretion, in any ATM of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan).

2. Select consecutively the SMS-notification service – "Subscribe" on the ATM screen.

3. Specify the mobile phone number with the operator code, to which the Bank will send you SMS messages, and confirm your acceptance of the terms of the SMS-notification service.

4. Get a check. Verify if the mobile phone number is correct on the check. In case of any error in the number, or if the phone number is specified without the operator code, perform the “SMS-notification service cancellation” via ATM, and then make re-registration.

Connection via the Bank Branch:

Contact your nearest branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) and complete the Application for connection to the SMS-notification service.


Account replenishment

Account replenishment at any time via Bank Branches and electronic self-service machines.


PIN number change (except for Visa Virtuon)

In order to secure your money, you can use the PIN number change service via Bank ATMs.

PIN number change in ATM:

1. Insert the payment card in ATM;

2. Enter the valid PIN number;

3. Select the “PIN Number Change” transaction in ATM menu;

4. Read the warning on any possible fee according to the Bank service rates, and if you agree, click "Continue", or in case of refusal, click "Cancel"

5. Enter 4 (four) digits of new PIN number;

6. Re-enter new PIN number.