Express-Account for small business


«Express-Account» for the subjects of small business

It is common knowledge that all corporate associations are successful when they consolidate all money flows of the group. Herewith, quality of service and reputation of the bank where the companies place their funds to a large extent influence business efficiency.

New product developed by the specialists of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) for the subjects of small business will make it possible to minimize the financial costs inside one group of the companies and to distribute the cash flows inside the group on an operational basis and automatically.

Principle of work

  1. One of the accounts of the companies included into the group is designated to be «main company» to which the funds from all accounts of the companies -«members» for the goods/works/services provided are transferred.
  2. In any account within trading day:
    • Possibility of debit operations on the members’ accounts is analyzed automatically;
    • Payment documents on the members’ accounts are formed automatically as well as transfer of funds to the «main company».
  3. All funds from the members’ accounts are consolidated on the account chosen as the «main company».

Currency of operations


Terms for product receipt

  1. Entering into the standard contract of bank settlement account;
  2. Filing an application for provision of the service under «Express-Account» product.

This product may be provided within the frameworks of currently valid contract of bank settlement account.