Pre-export trade financing

Pre-export financing is provided to Kazakhstani Exporters for the purpose of working capital financing and fulfillment of obligations under the export contract.

Advantages for Kazakhstani exporters

  • Receipt of financing for the whole production cycle of export goods on favorable terms;
  • Competitive advantage in foreign markets is the ability to provide deferred payment under an export contract;
  • Protection from political risks;
  • Minimization of losses in case of failure to fulfill financial obligations by the Importer;
  • Increase in volumes and expansion of export geography due to advantageous conditions for foreign partners.

Pre-export financing – is one of the main instruments of KazakhExport to support non-raw materials export and is provided to Kazakhstani exporters through Kazakhstani second-tier banks to finance working capital and fulfill obligations under the export contract. More information about Pre-export financing for domestic exporters in cooperation with ESK KazakhExport JSC can be found here.