Private Guarantee Program "Damu Optima"

Loan purpose

  1. Investments
  2. Working capital financing
  3. Refinancing of current liabilities

Maximum loan amount

  • not more than 180,000,000 tenge - for existing entrepreneurs
  • not more than 30,000,000 tenge - for start-up entrepreneurs


  1. At least 15% of the collateral value of the loan amount – for start-up entrepreneurs / at least 50% of the collateral value of the loan amount for existing entrepreneurs;
  2. The entrepreneur shall be obliged to provide all movable and/or immovable property acquired at the expense of the Bank's loan issued for investment purposes as an additional security within the terms and conditions stipulated by the Bank.

Special conditions

At repayment/partial repayment of the loan principal debt, the amount of the guarantee is reduced by an amount equal to the principal repayment multiplied by the amount of participation, unless otherwise stipulated in the guarantee contract.