Designated purpose Loan currency Loan amount Loan period Collateral
  • Replenishment of working capital
  • Financing of operating expenses related to financial and economic activities of the Customer
  • Refinancing of debts issued for the above purposes.

  • KZT
  • RUB

  • Minimum amount - 1 000 000 KZT (equivalent in RUB at the date of making a decision);
  • Maximum amount - not more than 150 000 000 RUB (equivalent in KZT at the date of making a decision)

  • The maximum period is not more than 36 months.

  • Immovable property (including land plots),
  • movable property (motor vehicles, special vehicles, equipment, goods/stock in trade, etc.),
  • money,
  • other, in accordance with the internal regulatory documents governing the Bank's pledge policy.