«Start» package


If you are only planning to become a client of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) - open an account on the terms of «Start» package.

Choosing the «Start» package, you get the following services:

  • Opening of current account;
  • Installation of «Electronic Customer» system;
  • Acceptance of cash (up to 300 thousand tenge per month*);
  • Withdrawal of cash (up to 500 thousand tenge per month*);
  • Transfers in tenge (up to 20 transfers per month*);
  • Issue of duplicates of banking and financial documents (1 document per month*);
  • Providing, by the client’s request, a certificate related to his servicing in the Bank (1 document per month*);
  • Sale of monetary checkbook (25 sheets).

* - over the limit according to standard tariffs.

Features of the «Start» package:

  • it includes one-time services which are necessary at the beginning of cooperation to each enterprise;
  • it is provided only 1 time, only for new clients, only for 1 month;
  • saving on the package in comparison with standard servicing makes 10%.