Deposit Optimal

Basic parameters
Terms and conditions
Customer segment, which the Deposit is offered to
Individual entrepreneurs/ peasant (farming) households, private-sector notaries
Deposit term

6, 12, 24 months – in KZT;
6, 12 months – in USD.

Currency of transactions
Minimum deposit amount / Minimum balance of Deposit

500,000 KZT
1,000 USD

Maximum deposit amount

1,800,000,000 KZT;
5,000,000 USD.

Supplementary contributions to the deposit
Allowed, providing non-exceedance of maximum Deposit amount
Partial withdrawals of deposit amount
Allowed providing preservation of a Deposit amount of at least minimum balance
Capitalization of remuneration
Terms and conditions of premature termination of bank deposit
  1. with actual period of Deposit amount allocation of less than 1 (one) calendar month, in accordance with the terms and conditions of Bank deposit agreement, accrual and payment of remuneration are not provided;

    with actual period of deposit amount allocation of 1 (one) and more calendar months, remuneration is recalculated and paid at the rate of 0.5% - in KZT; 0.05% - in USD for the actual number of days of funds allocation on the deposit

Prolongation of Deposit

Not stipulated

Amount of Remuneration rate
Established on a case-by-case basis