Deposit Stable

Basic parameters
Terms and conditions
Customer segment, which the deposit is offered to

Individual entrepreneurs/ peasant (farming) households, private-sector notaries/

private bailiffs, professional mediators, attorneys.
Deposit term

Minimum term in KZT, USD, RUB 7, 13 months;

Maximum term in KZT, USD, RUB – 12, 26 months;

Currency of transactions
Payment of remuneration
Capitalized monthly to the amount of the Deposit on the savings account on the last day of the month
Minimum deposit amount

500,000  KZT,

1,000  USD

85,000 RUB

Maximum deposit amount

1,800,000,000 KZT,

5,0003000 USD

300,000,000 RUB

Amount of Remuneration on deposit
Established on a case-by-case basis
Supplementary contributions
Not allowed
Partial withdrawal
Not allowed
Capitalization of remuneration

Automatic prolongation of the deposit placement term is stipulated on a monthly basis for a period of 1 month from the date of expiry of the previous Deposit Term until reaching the Maximum Deposit Term. The Depositor is entitled to refuse the extension of the Deposit Term by submitting a written application to the Bank.

Number of extensions is not more than 5 (five), 13 (thirteen) times, depending on the Maximum Deposit Term)

Conditions of early termination of the bank deposit

    In the case of early closure of the deposit, the Deposit conditions are considered to be violated, and this fact entitles the Bank to apply accrual and payment of interest at the rate of demand deposit, equal to 0.1% regardless of the Deposit currency for the actual number of days of placing money on Deposit.