Information for loan debtors of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), who have applied for a preferential car loan

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) assigned to Eurasian Bank all rights (claims) under the loan agreements of the "Preferential car" product, executed in VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) for purchase of cars of domestic production.

From March 16, 2022, full servicing of loans, including acceptance of payments, will be carried out at Eurasian Bank. At the same time, all provisions of the loan agreements, including the loan repayment schedule, will remain unchanged and in full force and effect.

If you have any questions, please contact Eurasian Bank's WhatsApp Chat at: + 7 (777) 000-77-22.

Questions and answers

1. I received a notice that my car loan is being transferred to Eurasian Bank. What does this mean?

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) has assigned to Eurasian Bank JSC all rights (claims) under loan agreements executed for purchase of cars of domestic production. Your loan agreement has clause 10.9, which stipulates such assignment of the loan to another bank. This means that your loan is now serviced by Eurasian Bank.

2. Will the transfer of the car loan to Eurasian Bank affect my payments and the terms of the loan?

No, the terms and schedule of payments remain the same. All legal documents remain valid.

3. Is it necessary to renew a car loan agreement with Eurasian Bank?

No, there is no need to conclude a new agreement.


4. Will my documents be transferred to Eurasian Bank?

Yes, all documents on your loan will be transferred to Eurasian Bank JSC.


5. Will my collateral be re-registered in Eurasian Bank JSC?

Yes, the encumbrances will be re-registered to the new collateral holder Eurasian Bank JSC in the authorized state bodies without the participation of the collateral provider.

6. How should I pay my loan payments at Eurasian Bank?

For convenience of clients, Eurasian Bank will open current accounts, which clients will be able to replenish by making monthly payments. Such current accounts can be replenished through self-service terminal (SST), Smartbank mobile banking and cash desks of Eurasian Bank branches and offices.

7. Will I be able to continue repaying my loan with VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)?

No. Monthly loan repayment is possible only through self-service terminal (SST), mobile banking Smartbank, as well as cash desks of Eurasian Bank branches and offices after opening a current account.

8. What should I do if I don't want to be served by Eurasian Bank?

You can apply to another Kazakhstan bank suitable for you with a request to refinance your car loan.

9. Where should I go if I have any further questions?

Contact Eurasian Bank's WhatsApp chat at: + 7(777) 000-77-22.

Link to chat: