Refund of overly recover amount

To return the excessively withheld amounts, you must fill out an application

Dear Borrower!

We ask you to pay attention to the fact that the consideration of the issue of the return of the recover amount in excess of 50% of the main sources of income by means of payment request applies ONLY to deductions from the account to receive wages.

Deductions from wages are made in accordance with Art. 115 of the Labor Code, as well as in cases stipulated by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan. (Clause 6 of Article 32 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Payments and Payment Systems” and Sub-clause 1 of Clause 2 of Article 36 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Banks and Banking Activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan”).

In order to prevent the write-off of obligations in an amount exceeding 50% of the main sources of income of the debtor-individual: The Bank is ready to consider the issue of returning the excessively recover amount on a payment request from the account opened for receiving wages.

Algorithm of actions for the return of overly recover amounts at payment requests:

  1. Necessary actions:
    1. Fill out the Application.
    2. Attach the following supporting documents to the Application:
      • A payroll for the disputed period (signed by the authorized person and the seal (if any) of the organization);
      • Bank statement on the current account for the disputed period, certified by authorized persons and sealed;
      • A copy of the resolution of a private bailiff on the foreclosure on wages and other types of income;
      • A copy of the official document confirming the status of belonging to the category of socially vulnerable segments of the population (hereinafter - SUSN) (if applicable).
    3. Submit the Application together with supporting documents to the nearest branch of the Bank, or attach scanned copies of documents to the appropriate form on the Bank's website.
  2. If the information provided is insufficient, or if it is impossible to determine the calculation of excessively withheld money in the submitted documents, the Bank has the right to request additional information.
  3. The applicant has the right to a partial refund of the amount excessively collected under the PR, for a period of not more than 2 consecutive months before the date of receipt of the application, if in aggregate the amount collected under the PR and the bailiff, taking into account the amount of money saved on the current account of an individual in the size of not less than the subsistence minimum, exceeds 50% of the amount of wages for this period.
  4. Partial refund of the excessively collected amount under the PR for a period of more than two consecutive months before the date of receipt of the application is considered individually.