"Education - AQYL"

"Education - AQYL" is the best solution for saving money for education of your child!

By opening an Educational-AQYL Deposit: You accumulate money, receive remuneration from the bank and receive a state bonus

Main conditions

  1. The Bank pays remuneration every month.
  2. The state bonus is accrued annually on the actual balance of the deposit amount as of January 1 with a 1-year minimum accumulation period:
    – in addition to the Bank's rate of remuneration + 5% per annum for all categories of depositors
    – in addition to the Bank's rate of remuneration + 7% per annum for the priority categories of depositors (orphans, disabled people, children from large families (4 more children), children from low-income families (before reaching 23 years old)).
  3. A depositor can only be a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regardless of the age.
  4. Only one deposit agreement throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan may be drawn up per Depositor.

Deposit Terms

Deposit replenishment Partial withdrawal Remuneration payment Early closing
Yes No,
with the exception of the intended use of the deposit – transfer to the educational organization
Monthly capitalization At the agreement rate, for the actual time

Deposit type according to the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan – fixed-term deposit

Maximum (marginal) amount of the Deposit guarantee*: 10 000 000 KZT

Rate of remuneration

Currency Minimum deposit amount Deposit terms, in months
Remuneration amount (% per annum, % AERR)
(in 2024 – 11 076 tenge)
13,2 (up to 14,0)

The "Educational" deposit is an object of mandatory guarantee of deposits of individuals.

Documents for opening a deposit - Identity document

*Maximum (marginal) amount of the Deposit guarantee is the amount of the guaranteed reimbursement, based on the amount of savings account balance constituting the maximum (marginal) amount of the guarantee (guaranteed reimbursement) determined by Article 18 of the Law of the RK "On Compulsory Guaranteeing of Deposits Placed with the Second-Tier Banks in the Republic of Kazakhstan", on the date of revocation of the Bank license for all banking operations. If the Depositor has several above-mentioned different types of guaranteed deposits with the Bank, the organization performing the compulsory guaranteeing of deposits shall pay the aggregate guaranteed reimbursement for them to the extent of the maximum amount of the guaranteed reimbursement prescribed for each type of deposit separately, but not more than twenty million KZT.