Cash loans

Cash loans are loans for any of your purposes.

They give you the opportunity to enjoy life right now, without putting off a long-awaited purchase, travel or renovation until tomorrow.

Cash loans

Terms of Lending

Валюта кредита



up to 6 000 000

Ставка вознаграждения

from 15% / AERR* from 16,1%


up to 84 months

Целевая группа

from 22 years**

*Annual effective remuneration rate

**Resident of RK, from 22 years old to pension age. The last payment on credit has to be made till the Borrower becomes a pensioner

Without security (pledge is not required)

Without loan application review commission

Without commission for arranging a loan

With payment of 9% of the amount of remuneration paid to the Bank at the end of the loan term

Credit calculator

Up to 5,000,000 KZT

Up to 60 months

Monthly payment

Total sum of payments

Total overpayment amount

Получите деньги

На карту или снимите в банкомате ВТБ без комиссии

Выберите дату платежа

Можно выбрать удобную дату платежа при оформлении кредита

Приходите в отделение

Подготовьте пакет документов

Заполните заявку

Получите предварительное решение от 2 минут