Blank tender guarantee

Blank tender guarantee product from VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)

Is a provision of tender guarantee which do not contain the post-tender obligations

Both one-time issue of guarantee and issue of guarantee within the framework of established limit of crediting for juridical entities, residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan in provision of tender/competitive application on conditions determined in tender/competitive documentation by potential participants of tender/competition on government and non-government purchase of goods/operations and services are possible.

Basic parameters Conditions

General Product Description
  • Covered guarantee under the pledge of money with accrual of remuneration;
  • Legal entities/individual entrepreneurs who provide money under pledge as security for the fulfillment of obligations to the Bank under covered guarantees;
  • Interest is accrued on the money in the deposit.
Mortgage term Prior to the fulfillment of obligations under the issued guarantee
Mortgage interest rate (annual) it is set for the entire term of the mortgage, within the framework of rates on term deposits of legal entities or individuals
Payment of mortgage interest
  • monthly/quarterly;
  • at the end of the term.
Guarantee amount Up to 99% of the deposit amount
Currency of the guarantee/pledge KZT, USD, EUR, RUR (the deposit currency may be different from the guarantee currency)
Partial withdrawal of the mortgage amount Allowed
Early refund of the deposit amount Allowed
Additional contributions of the mortgage amount Allowed
Additional information Several persons/third parties/individuals may act as pledgers