Compliance controller

Welcome to the official website of the Compliance Controller & nbsp; Bank.

The exclusive competence of the Compliance Controller includes monitoring the implementation of the compliance risk management policy, performing functions related to combating the legalization (laundering) of illicit proceeds and financing of terrorism, and minimizing the risk of costs (losses) arising from violation of the legislation of the Republic Kazakhstan, including regulatory legal acts of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Compliance Controller is appointed to the post by the Board of Directors of the Bank, has an independent status in the performance of its compliance management functions.

Everyone has the right to apply to the Compliance Controller in cases when you become aware:

  • about the facts of violations by the Bank or an employee of the Bank of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including normative legal acts of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • about the facts of corruption offenses involving the Bank's employees
  • about facts of unlawful disclosure of bank secrecy
  • Conflict of interest involving Bank employees
  • about the violation of ethical norms that you encounter when contacting the Bank.

To send a message to the Compliance Controller, you can use the "Authorized Request" form. To use this form, please click on the link below "Authorized address". Such an appeal will be considered and taken into account by the Compliance Controller.

If you prefer not to specify your personal data, you may send an anonymous message using the form "Anonymous appeal". Compliance-controller, in this case, reserves the right to accept anonymous appeals for consideration.

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