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Amendments and Additions No.4 to the Tariffs (Base and Reduced) for Retail Business Transactions. Approved by Minutes of the Management Board of Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) No.12 dated February 26, 2019 and come into force on March 08, 2019

icon_pdf.gif   Tariffs Base changes 4.pdf
Tariffs Base changes 4.pdf, 262 КБ, 26.02.2019

Amendments and Additions No.5 to the Regulations on General Terms and Conditions of Banking and Other Operations in Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) were approved by Decision of the Board of Directors of the Bank No.2/2019 dated January 10, 2019 (hereinafter referred to as Amendments and Additions No.5). These alterations and amendments No.5 come into force on February 14, 2019.

icon_pdf.gif   Regulations on general conditions_изм № 5_EN.pdf
Regulations on general conditions_изм № 5_EN.pdf, 492 КБ, 30.01.2019

icon_pdf.gif   Annex 2_ Tariffs network Legal entities_изм_№5.pdf
Annex 2_ Tariffs network Legal entities_изм_№5.pdf, 492 КБ, 30.01.2019

icon_pdf.gif   Annex 3_Limit values RB_изм _5_EN.pdf
Annex 3_Limit values RB_изм _5_EN.pdf, 492 КБ, 30.01.2019

icon_pdf.gif   Annex 4_Limit values_изм _5_EN.pdf
Annex 4_Limit values_изм _5_EN.pdf, 492 КБ, 30.01.2019

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