VTB08-0105.jpgFrom medium turnovers to stable growth

To become the branch leader is the adequate task. We use maximum efforts for your business to get powerful impulse for development.
Advantages of the service model for your business:
  • Customer service manager shall be assigned to your company, which will deal with all service issues and involve employees in implementation of your projects, as necessary, from various VTB departments, for example, credit officers, specialists on monetary funds placement and operations on financial market, international settlement of accounts and trade financing;
  • Complex products of VTB Group, as a rule used exclusively by large-scale companies become accessible for your company, for example: insurance of exchange rate risks, letters of credit in roubles, use of trade financing lines for supply of machinery and equipment, leasing operations;
  • Provision of banking products is made on the basis of preliminary analysis of your business peculiarities.

VTB provides Credit Facilities to its corporate customers in tenge, roubles and foreign currency. The necessary condition for provision of credit resources is availability of the customer’s accounts in SO JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), positive credit history (if the borrower received any loans previously), and positive result of the project analysis provided by the customer.

In order to efficiently satisfy the urgent short-term demands of the customer in the monetary funds, VTB provides lending to the customers in form of overdraft. Providing that the Bank provides the customer with the possibility to make payments, receive cash from the bank account even in case of lack or insufficient funds on such account.

We know very well the needs of our customers and understand the key tasks to be resolve today by Kazakhstani and Russian companies in order to provide manufacturing of the higher-quality and competitive products and services.

We are always open for cooperation and are ready to help you to resolve the problems of daily banking services, and strategic tasks of business development, extension of production, investments in development of production.

In order to get access to our services it is sufficient to apply to the office of SO JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) or ask question to the Bank’s customer service manager.