Safe Boxes Leasing

pict (1).jpgSO JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) offers to physical persons entities to lease safe boxes for storage of the important documents and values.

The advantages of values storage in the bank safe of VTB:

  • VTB storage facilities are equipped with up-to-date technical equipment, providing complete safety of the values;
  • VTB has safe boxes of various sizes:

      - 72 х 260 х 390 mm
      - 146 х 260 х 390 mm
      - 220 х 260 х 390 mm
      - 440 х 260 х 390 mm

  • the box may be leased for a period of up to 12 months with a possibility of subsequent prolongation of the rental period;
  • the possibility to transfer rights for safe box use to any person under the power of attorney may be provided (the power of attorney must be notary certified);
  • the individual bank safe may be provided for one or for two lessees for joint use;
  • money counters and banknotes authenticity detectors are provided fee of charge.

 Objects which can not be stored in a safe box:

  • firearms, gas spray guns and cold steel;
  • explosive and highly inflammable substances;
  • chemical, narcotic and psychotropic substances;
  • radioactive, toxic and other poisonous substances capable of having negative influence on a human organism and environment;
  • food and other objects subject to deterioration or those which can cause dispersion of parasites, other objects which due to their properties can result in damage of a safe or affect its operability, and/or cause losses to the Bank/other customers, and cannot be stored in a safe box.
  • other items that by their properties may cause any damage to the Safe, including its malfunction, and/or damage to the Bank/ other customers, and are not subject to storage in the Safe.

You can use the service of safety deposit box lease in the department of Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan), located at the address: 26/29, Timiryazev St., Almaty c.

Working hours of safe depositary:  

Monday – Friday from 09.00 to 17.00  
Saturday – Sunday – day off