Interest Rates

Principles of Interest Rates Policy of VTB Bank

The interest rate policy of VTB Bank is, together with the tariff policy, the part of the pricing policy of the Bank and aims at provision of:
  • Stable profitability of the Bank’s products bearing interest incomes and expenses;
  • Efficient management of borrowed and own resources of the Bank;
  • Consistent development of the Bank’s business.

Interest rate policy of VTB Bank provides for establishment of the standard rates for attraction of resources and basic (minimum) rates of lending, and individual rates (for individual customers) taking into account fee for risks and additional yield from provision of some other Bank’s services to the customers.

Rates for lending of corporate customers

Basic rates for lending of corporate customers are determined in four main currencies – tenge, roubles, US dollars and Euro and depend on the terms of fund placement, and on the borrower’s category, which the corporate customer may be attributed to in accordance with the procedure applied by the Bank.