Agreement on the processing of personal data

At submitting online application to the SO JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) (hereinafter - the Bank), you act on your own discretion and in your own interests, you agree/confirm your consent that the Bank may collect, process, store and use the personal data provided to the Bank, in any way permitted by the law and/or defined by the Bank for the purpose of offering of said services and/or other services of the Bank and/or making an appropriate decision regarding the application/form.

This consent shall be valid until expiry of the period of storage of the personal data and/or documents (including the e-documents), containing such personal data, as specified by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and/or internal document of the Bank, or until such consent is withdrawn by a written notice submitted at least one (1) month before the date of consent withdrawal. However, the Bank shall be entitled to continue the processing of personal data in order to complete the consideration of the application/form and/or to make an appropriate decision, as well as if the continued processing of personal data is required by the applicable law (in this case, the personal data shall be processed to the extent necessary to comply with legal requirements) and/or internal documents of the Bank.

This consent is provided also to maintain direct relations with the Client through any means of communication, including mail, telephone, electronic means of communication, including SMS, E-mail, and other means of communication.