Agreement on the collection and processing of personal data

1. of my own free will and in my own interest, I agree to provide JSC Bank VTB (Kazakhstan), BIN 080940010300, (hereinafter - the Bank) (to the Bank's successor): 

  • for the collection and processing of my personal data (including last name, first name, patronymic (if available), nationality, gender, date and place of birth, individual identification number, legal address, place of residence, subscriber number of a communication device, document number certifying his identity , family and social status, availability of movable and immovable property, education, profession) and biometric personal data (hereinafter - personal data) (both by means of automation and without such), including actions upon receipt of my personal data by the Bank, upon their confirmation, updating (updating), storing, from the state (-ish) database (base) of data ("GBD") and/or any other informatization objects, including through the credit bureau (s), service on GBD, operators / owners GBD; 

  • to the provision of personal data from GBD to the credit bureau Bank, the receipt by the credit bureau, my personal data from the GBD from the operators/owners of the GBD, the provision by the operators/owners of the GBD of my personal data from all GBD credit bureaus and the Bank directly and/or through third parties, and as well as the provision of personal data to the credit bureau and the Bank by means of the credit bureau, including in the future;

  • to the disclosure / use / transfer (including cross-border transfer) in the necessary volume of any information available at the Bank, including my personal data and/or banking information, to third parties, including members and affiliates of the VTB Group, and as well as implementation by the Bank and third parties of any actions with my personal data, including actions on access, collection, systematization, accumulation, confirmation, storage, updating, modification, use, distribution, depersonalization, blocking and destruction of my personal data, for the purposes of proper processing analysis of information provided by me, establishment of business relations, timely preparation of documents and signing of all necessary documents by me, prevention of fraud, for auditing, reporting, provision of services by the Bank and/or any third party; 

  • to photograph (photo frame) and/or audio and/or video recording, as well as to collect / confirm / update / store / use / copy / transmit and reproduce, including in the presence of third parties, my image (photo / video with sound / without sound) and (or) voice message(s).

2. Confirmation, and in the absence of it, I guarantee the receipt and availability of the consent of third parties, information about which is provided by me to the Bank in any form, to the transfer of data to the Bank and to their collection

3. Принимаю на себя относиться таких лицо об етом

4. This Agreement also applies to information that will be sent to the Bank in the future.

5. This Agreement is granted until the expiration of the terms of storage of personal data and/or documents (including in the format of electronic documents) containing them, established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as by the legislation of foreign states that influence the Bank's activities, and/or internal document of the Bank, or until the moment of its withdrawal by sending a corresponding written notification to the Bank at least 1 (one) month before the moment of withdrawal of consent, except for cases where it contradicts the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, or if there are any of my unfulfilled obligations to the Bank. At the same time, I grant the Bank the right to continue the processing of my personal data in order to complete the provision of banking services (operations), as well as if the continuation of the processing of personal data is conditioned by the requirements of the applicable legislation, as well as the legislation of foreign countries that have an impact on the Bank's activities (in this case, the processing of personal data данных расположения within the limits necessary to fulfill the requirements of the legislation), internal documents of the Bank.