Salary project

Payroll card program by VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) is:

Quick connection, minimum set of documents, delivery of cards, Immediate payroll accounting and edicated account manager.

Benefits of the payroll card program for the organizations:

  • Quick connection
    File an application online ( or enquire with the branch bank;
  • Issue and delivery
    VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will issue the cards and deliver all the payment cards to your organization;
  • Favorable terms
    Commission for the payroll accounting – starting at under 0%.

The advantages of salary project for employees:

  • Debit payment card;
  • Card issue – 0 KZT;
  • Annual service fee – 0 KZT;
  • Cash withdrawal from ATM network of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) for main cards – 0 (up to 500 000 KZT per month);
  • Mobile application;
  • Contactless payments;
  • SMS notification – 300 KZT.

Execution of payroll card program is simple!

Step №1

Sign a contract for a salary project.
If the company does not have a current account with VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), you need to provide documents to open an account.

Step №2

Apply for the issue of cards.
Through a bank branch or remotely (through a Bank employee).

Step №3

Credit salaries to employees.
Through Internet banking for legal entities (revenue is conducted day to day).