VTB News (Kazakhstan)

6 march 2013

Credit card from Bank VTB (Kazakhstan)

Subsidiary JSC Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) presents new banking product – International credit card.

International credit card of Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) – is a modern and convenient way to pay for any purchases and services. Where ever you are, necessary amount of money is always at your fingertips.

Credit cards allow you to use the necessary amount of money without paying remuneration to the Bank in the case of full repayment of the credit during the grace period. Another advantage of the international credit card of Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) – is that remuneration is charged only on used amount of the credit.

Use this chance right now, do not postpone for later. Subsidiary JSC Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) is always ready to help you.

- We are glad to present new banking product which will
let our clients to expand their opportunities.
International credit card from Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) – is a reliable friend which is always ready to help. Why to delay desirable purchase, if it is possible to make it right now and to pay it partially during certain period of time, - says the head of the bank cards management of Subsidiary JSC Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) Rosa Imangalieva.

International credit card of Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) – is a revolving credit line up to 2 000 000 tenge, for a period of 36 months with a grace period up to 60 days.