VTB News (Kazakhstan)

22 march 2013

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) celebrates Nauryz with the whole country

Nauryz is a truly national holiday which came to us from the ancient times and became nationwide. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, and every nation has its own traditions related to the day of the spring equinox, reflecting the unity of man and nature, greatness of the beauty, of love, of incipience of new life.

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), presented by branches in all regional centers of the Republic, has celebrated long-awaited spring holiday Nauryz very variously and cheerfully.

For example, the Open Day was conducted for clients in the branch in Petropavlovsk. The branch was decorated with balloons, corporate film of the Bank was demonstrated. The branch staff has been meeting the clients at the entrance and inviting them to a festive table with traditional baursaks, chuck-chuck, sweets, cookies, fruit, and fragrant tea. All clients were pleasantly surprised and very glad to gifts that were given to each visitor in that pre-holiday day. This event didn’t remain unnoticed - republican television channel "Kazakhstan" made a report about hospitable branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) in Petropavlovsk.

Clients, in their turn, said many kind words with the wishes of prosperity and well-being. The clients’ words of gratitude are the best award for VTB Bank.

Celebration of Nauryz holiday in the Branch of the Bank in Aktau has started with the preparation of Kazakh national dishes and festive decoration of the table for the clients of the Bank, because ancient Kazakh tradition states: anyone who comes to the house with pure intentions must be obligatorily regaled.

Each employee of the Branch put a piece of warmth, sincerity of her wishes into the prepared dishes – pilaf, baursaks, and homemade flat cakes.

Having put on the camisoles decorated with national patterns, employees of the Branch of VTB Bank have welcomed guests with charming smiles, offering the dishes prepared by their own hands. Nobody remained indifferent to such attention - words of gratitude were heard from each visitor.

The staff of the branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) in Taraz took part in a citywide event dedicated to the celebration of Nauryz, which was held on Dostyk square.

Since the morning on the central square of the city it was noisy, cheerfully and populously. Solemn opening of the holiday with official speeches of the city management was replaced by vivid theatrical performance. The riders have caracoled before the audience.

Snow-white yurtas set by enterprises and government agencies were waiting for inhabitants and city visitors. As always the festive program has included a set of various cultural and entertaining and mass sporting arrangements.

The branch in Taraz has decided not to lag behind the others, and so to speak, to combine business with pleasure – it held BTL-action on the central square of the city, congratulated inhabitants on the spring holiday and brought the main information on activity of VTB to the potential clients.

Nobody remained unattended – adults received booklets with the description of banking products, and children received beautiful balloons with the Bank logo.

It was pleasant to see that inhabitants already know VTB Bank. Many of them came not for consultation, but just to congratulate the staff of the branch on the national holiday, to thank for cooperation.

Uralsk became a place of celebrating Nauryz holiday not only for local branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan). Staff of the branches from Aktobe and Atyrau has arrived on a visit to colleagues.

Even the drizzling rain couldn't spoil festive mood to inhabitants and city visitors. Local branch, according to traditions, has shown true hospitality, having organized a festive dinner. Guests returned the favor – representatives of Aktobe have demonstrated vocal and dance talents, they have shown several scenes from KVN and proved that they are able to joke witty. In a word, the holiday was celebrated wonderfully well in each city and region.