VTB News (Kazakhstan)

22 december 2014

To the users of Online VTB Internet-Banking system the following new types of payments are accessible for individuals

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) reports on new developments in Online VTB Internet-Banking system – the Bank clients can make payment to the following services providers from December 15, 2014:

- Barys Hockey Club, www.shop.hcbarys.kz (payment for goods purchased in Internet-shop of Hockey Club);
- Meloman Home Video LLP, www.shop.meloman.kz, www.marwin.kz (payment for goods purchased in Internet-shop);
- Internet-Tourism LLP, www.chokotravel.com (purchase of air tickets);
- Individual Entrepreneur Private Fund “Ayala Private Charity Fund”, www.ayala.kz (funds transfer for charity);
- Arena S LLP, www.sulpak.kz (payment for goods purchased in Internet-shop).

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) updates the system and works at extension of the available services list.