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1 march 2017

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) adopted new development strategy for Y2017-2019

At the end of the last year the Supervisory board of VTB approved the development strategy of the Group for Y2017—2019 became principle for the strategy of the subsidiary VTB Bank in Kazakhstan. It assumes the use of new approaches to the conduct of business.

VTB Group observes the enormous potential of Kazakhstan economy and market, and intends to strengthen its presence in Kazakhstan, making thereby contribution to the expansion of transborder business scales and activity of its partners, which is going to have a positive impact on the economy development of the republic.

- To date, the regulatory capital of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) exceeds the regulations of the RoK National Bank four times and allows increasing the business volumes twice. «Liquidity cushion» of the bank exceeds the required norms by 10 times. According to the data of S&P Global Ratings, VTB (Kazakhstan) has the highest credit rating among all the second-tier banks of Kazakhstan. Besides, finishing the last year, we made an important decision on improvement of credit portfolio. Such that the bank starts the new stage of its development being renovated, cleared from the distressed assets, - the Chairman of Board of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), Dmitry Zabello, says.

The strategy for Y2017-2019 allows for the two-fold increase of credit portfolio and improvement of return on assets of banks. When implementing the plans, VTB in Kazakhstan will base itself upon the best practices of the Group from around the world (VTB has huge international branch networks – more than 30 financial institutions in more than 20 countries). According to the strategy, in the next three years VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will continue its harmonious development as universal bank, maintaining the balance of business lines between large investment business – 20%, medium business – 40% and retail business – 40%. Small and medium enterprise support will become one of the key directions of business activation of VTB in Kazakhstan, which play special role in the development of the national economy. Also it is intended to emphasize the work with large investment business and introduction of renewed products and services for the retail customers.

Speaking about the new approaches, the Chairman of Board of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), Dmitry Zabello, noted, in 2016 the bank renewed both middle ranking managing staff and bank management by 80% - all the key business lines got new managers: «We stick to the global trend on consolidation of business around the high-quality management teams. We have the new composition of Bank Management, the core competency of which is professionalism – framework parameter for the whole Group».


Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) is a member of VTB international financial group. The Bank has successfully worked more than 7 years in the financial market of Kazakhstan, and occupies 20th place in terms of assets amount among all STBs in Kazakhstan. To date, Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) has a branch network, consisting of 35 structural subdivisions, 17 of which are branches. The Bank's Central Office is located in Almaty. The license of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.1.2.14/39 dated December 23, 2014.

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