VTB News (Kazakhstan)

20 may 2022

VTB (Kazakhstan) updates terms on its certificate of deposit

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) is adjusting the rate and adding a new term to the certificate of deposit. Customers will still be able to purchase the certificate at an annual rate of 17%, which is the highest on the market. Funds can be deposited for 6 or 12 months.

A certificate of deposit is a security that confirms the deposit of funds in a bank for a fixed term and at a fixed rate of interest. The product is designed for those who want to get the greatest benefit from investing their savings.

The certificate remuneration is payable within 5 working days after expiry of the investment period or after every 3 months. The minimum purchase amount of the certificate is KZT 1,000,000 and the maximum amount is unlimited. You will not be able to replenish or withdraw funds partially for the duration of investment.

You can sign an agreement to issue a certificate of deposit at any VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) branch in 17 cities across the country. You can find out the addresses of VTB offices here. If you want to purchase a certificate, please call 5050.

A certificate of deposit is a security and is not guaranteed by the JSC Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund.