VTB News (Kazakhstan)

18 july 2023

VTB (Kazakhstan): the volume of transfers to Mir cards exceeded KZT 1.3 billion

VTB (Kazakhstan) customers have received about 24.5 thousand transfers to Mir cards since the beginning of their mass issuance in December last year. The volume of transactions exceeded KZT 1.3 bn. The bank issued the country 10 thousand cards of the Russian payment system. 60 per cent of them are physical cards, and 40 per cent are digital cards.

In addition to receiving transfers, holders of VTB (Kazakhstan) Mir cards actively use them to make transactions – about 30% of purchases are made in supermarkets, while spending in cafes and fast food outlets, transport and payment for IT services are also popular.

Mir cards are now becoming a convenient tool for customers in the country to make transfers. And not only incoming transactions, now they can easily send funds abroad to cards of the Russian payment system. Over the past two months, we have also noted a significant increase in the share of plastic cards up to 60% in the total volume of issuance. Owners often use the cards when travelling. The most frequent users of Mir cards are Almaty residents, who represent 40 per cent of issuance. The leaders are also Astana, Karaganda, Shymkent and Petropavlovsk," said Stanislav Kozyakov, Director of Retail Business Department of VTB (Kazakhstan).

This year VTB (Kazakhstan) also launched outgoing transfers using Mir cards. Customers can send funds through the VTB KZ Online mobile application. To use the service, bank users need only go to the "Card Transfers" section, enter the recipient's card number and send money.

With VTB Mir card (Kazakhstan), customers receive transfers from Mir cards of any bank, make online purchases, and pay for services in the VTB KZ Online mobile application. Abroad, users make purchases in retail outlets, and withdraw money from ATMs that support the acceptance of Mir cards. The card can also be connected to the Mir Pay application and used for contactless purchases using an Android smartphone version 7.0 and above that supports NFC technology.

VTB (Kazakhstan) provides full service for its Mir cards and other foreign banks' cards. Its holders can withdraw any amount from ATMs without restrictions on the number of transactions. The cost of issuing a plastic card is KZT 2,000, and a digital card is free of charge. Card maintenance is free of charge. The card can be issued at any branch of the bank.