Loans and Facilities

VTB08-0105.jpgIn accordance with the needs of its customers, VTB (Kazakhstan) Bank JSC en offers loans in tenge, rubles and foreign currency.

The maximum credit limit amount (disbursement limit, indebtedness limit and combination thereof) shall be determined taking into account the customer’s needs and in the basis of its creditworthiness and legal capacity assessment, credit history in the Bank, specificity of the credited project and etc.

The necessary condition for provision of credit resources is availability of customer’s accounts in VTB and positive credit history in the Bank (if the borrower previously received any credits), and positive results of the project analysis provide by the customer.

Depending on the customer’s needs the credit facilities may have disbursement limit or indebtedness limit. The loan granted under the Credit Facility shall be used once in full amount or in parts depending on the terms and conditions of provision thereof.

The following may be accepted by the Bank as the collateral under the Credit Facility:

  • Pledge of real estate, customer’s fixed assets, commodities and materials, property rights; 

  • pledge of liquid securities of Russian and foreign issuers; 

  • guarantees (sureties) of reliable banks or solvent enterprises; 

  • debt obligations of the Borrower’s counteragents, and other assets.