VTB (Kazakhstan): customers in Almaty open more than one-third of deposits

VTB (Kazakhstan) has analyzed statistics concerning deposits of its retail customers for the first half of the year. The residents of Almaty are thriftiest depositors – they account for 35% of all classic savings in the portfolio. Most often, the customers open deposits for a maximum term of 36 months. The most popular product in this segment is a deposit with the possibility of replenishment and withdrawal – 83% of customers chose it.

Astana is in second place in terms of volume of deposits – here customers opened 14% of all deposits. Karaganda is in third place, here the share of savings amounted to 7%. Astana is also the leader in the number of active deposits – 12% and Karaganda – 9%.

"Depositors of VTB (Kazakhstan) for several years have been choosing long-term savings, on which it is possible to fix the maximum yield. Today, the bulk of deposits customers open in KZT – they account for 88% of the savings portfolio. Besides, we note the growth of deposits in rubles – in the second quarter, their share almost doubled. The demand relates to the customers’ desire to diversify their investments in other currencies. At the moment the rate on deposit in rubles in VTB is the maximum one in Kazakhstan – 1% per annum", – Stanislav Kozyakov, Director of Retail Business Department VTB (Kazakhstan) comments.

In VTB (Kazakhstan) within the framework of deposit "Comfortable" for the period from 6 to 36 months you can get a guaranteed effective interest rate of up to 16.3% per annum. Replenishment and withdrawal within the minimum balance of 1 thousand KZT are available for the deposit. You can establish a deposit "Profitable" at 18.3% per annum for the term from 3 to 36 months. The minimum amount is 100 thousand KZT. The product does not envisage partial withdrawal.

You can open deposits both in the bank's branches and through remote channels – VTB KZ Online mobile application.