VTB (Kazakhstan) launched a deposit at a rate of 17.8,8% per annum

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) added a “Profitable Plus” deposit to the deposit line. The annual effective interest rate (AEIR) for a new product with capitalization reaches 17.8%. The deposit can be opened at any branch of the bank.

The minimum amount of the “Profitable Plus” deposit is 100 thousand KZT. The deposit can be replenished at any time. Partial withdrawals are not envisaged. The placement period is from 3 to 36 months. The deposit is automatically renewed an unlimited number of times.

"We saw a customer demand for a product that would combine the best conditions of the most popular bank deposits: a high-interest rate and the possibility of additional contributions. Besides, you can open "Profitable Plus" for up to three years and receive an increased yield, without fear of changes in market rates. With the introduction of the new deposit, we expect that the share of "Profitable" and "Profitable Plus" deposits will occupy more than half of the bank's deposit portfolio" Maria Blbulyan, Director of the Retail Business Department of VTB Bank in Kazakhstan, comments.

Funds placed on deposits with VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) are insured by the Kazakhstan Deposit Guarantee Fund. The guarantee amount is up to 20 million KZT.

The toll-free number for consultation is 5050.