«Agrobusiness» Program

«Agrobusiness» Program entities of the agro-industrial complex funded by “Agrarian Credit Corporation” JSC. This Program is designed for the support of production and processing of agricultural products and procurement of agricultural machinery and/or mounted towing equipment.


Nominal rate of return Not more than 6.8% per annum

Credit currency


Credit term

up to 120 months – for investment;

up to 120 months – for investment,

maximum term of finance – up to 19.02.2029

Intended purpose

  • Purchase of fixed assets, including modernization of facilities
  • Construction and installation works, including reconstruction
  • Replenishment of current assets.
  • Funded industry

  • Meat processing and canning
  • Poultry meat processing and canning
  • Production of meat and poultry meat products
  • Processing and canning of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
  • Milk processing and cheese production
  • Ice-cream production
  • Oil and butter production
  • Production of margarine and similar animal fats and oils
  • Sugar production
  • Production of cacao, chocolate and sugary confectionery
  • Production of starch and starch products
  • Other types of processing and canning of fruit and vegetables
  • Potato processing and canning
  • Production of spices and seasonings
  • Production of other food products not included into other categories
  • Production of fruit and vegetable juices
  • Preparation and spinning of textile fibers
  • Production of grain mill products: production of flour and cereals
  • Bread production: production of fresh pastries, cakes and desserts
  • Production of toasts, crackers and cookies, pastries, waffles, cakes, pies and biscuits with a long self-life
  • Production of finished feed for animals grown at farms
  • Leather tanning and currying