Ak Niet 2

Regional financing of small and medium private business entities of East-Kazakhstan region for “Ak Niet 2” by-product


Target segment Small and medium private business entities registered in the territory of East-Kazakhstan region, which implement projects in the territory of East-Kazakhstan region in accordance with CCEA priority sectors in accordance with Appendix.
Nominal rate of return Not more than 8.5% per annum
Loan sum up to 400,000,000 tenge
Borrowing currency tenge
Loan term up to 84 months - for investments;
up to 36 months - to replenishment of floating assets;
Max. term until 01.05.2025
Special purpose acquisition and (or) construction and (or) modernization and (or) reconstruction and (or) capital repair of fixed assets, acquisition of biological and (or) intangible assets, replenishment of floating assets.
Financing industry
Authorized financing industries for Ust-Kamenogorsk and Semey cities
OKED code/Name Agroindustrial complex
01. Crop and livestock production, hunting and rendering of services in these spheres
03. Fisheries and aquaculture
10. Manufacture of food products
11.06. Malt production
11.07. Production of mineral waters and other non-alcoholic beverages
Mining industry
08.12.1. Development of gravel and sand quarries
09. Technical services in the field of mining industry
Light industry and furniture production
13. Manufacture of textiles
14. Manufacture of wearing apparel
15. Manufacture of leather and related products
16. Manufacture of wood and cork products, except furniture; production of straw and plaiting products
17. Manufacture of paper and paper products
18. Printing and playback of recorded materials
20. Manufacture of chemical products
21. Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and preparations
22. Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
31. Furniture manufacture
Manufacture of building materials and other non-metallic mineral products
23. Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products
Metallurgy, metal working, mechanical engineering
24. Metallurgical industry
25. Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
26. Manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products
27. Manufacture of electrical equipment
28. Manufacture of machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified.
29. Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
30. Manufacture of other transport equipment
33. Repair and installation of machinery and equipment. Other sectors of industry
32. Manufacture of other finished products
35.11.4. Power generation of other power plants
35.11.2. Power generation by hydroelectric power plants
38. Collection, processing and disposal of waste, waste recycling
39. Recultivation and other services in the field of waste disposal
Transport and storage
45.2. Maintenance and repair of vehicles
49.3. Other passenger land transport
49.41. Freight transport by road
50. Water transport
52. Warehousing and auxiliary transport activities
53. Postal and courier activities, with the exception of activities related to the sphere of natural monopolies
55.10. Hotel services
55.20. Provision of housing for the weekend and other periods of short stay
55.30. Camping grounds, recreational vehicle fleets and trailer parks
Information and communication
59.14. Activity on showing movies
61. Communication
62. Computer programming, consulting and other related services
Professional, scientific and technical activities
69.2. Activities in the field of accounting and auditing; advice on taxation
71. Activities in the field of architecture, engineering surveys; technical testing and analysis
72. Research and development
74. Other professional, scientific and technical activities
75. Veterinary activity
81. Activity in the field of maintenance of buildings and territories
85. Education
Health and social services
86. Health activities
87. Provision of social services with accommodation
88. Provision of social services without accommodation
Art, entertainment and recreation
91. Activities of libraries, archives, museums and other cultural institutions
93. Activities in the field of sports, organization and entertainment (except for discotheques)
Provision of other types of services
95. Repair of computers, personal and household goods
96.01. Washing and (chemical) cleaning of textile and fur products
Special conditions The total debt (total balance of Loans) of one End Borrower for the Product to the second-tier banks shall not exceed the amount of 500,000,000.00 (five hundred million) tenge. Subject to this condition, the number of Loans for one End-User is not limited.
The possibility of applying the guarantee instrument of the Fund to entrepreneurs on the terms and conditions stipulated by the Unified Business Support and Development Program “Business Road Map 2020” and other programs of the Fund. For more information on the guaranteeing please visit “Damu” Foundation website: “Аk Niet 2”