For entrepreneurs of Astana city - program of regional financing of small and medium-sized business entities (Astana Business)


Nominal rate of return Not more than 8.5% per annum
Loan sum up to 100,000,000 tenge
Borrowing currency tenge
Loan term up to 84 months - acquisition of a package license (franchising), purchase of new licenses, modernization of fixed assets;
up to 36 months - to funds added to current assets;
Special purpose acquisition of a package license (franchising), new ones and modernization of fixed assets, replenishment of floating assets.
Financing industry acquisition of a package license (franchising) in all OKED sectors without any restrictions;
acquisition of new ones, modernization of fixed assets and replenishment of floating assets added in OKED priority sectors: 1) 47 Retail trade, except for motor vehicles and motorcycles and 2) 56.1 Restaurants and catering services
Special conditions A SME entity shall be registered in the territory of Astana city, the projects of a SME entity should be planned for implementation in Astana city.
The possibility of applying the guarantee instrument of the Fund to entrepreneurs on the terms and conditions stipulated by the Unified Business Support and Development Program "Business Road Map 2020" and other programs of the Fund. For more information on the guaranteeing please visit "Damu" Foundation website:
Guaranteeing for entrepreneurs