Program for Support of Energy Service Initiatives in Kazakhstan cities “Sustainable Cities for Low-Carbon Development in Kazakhstan”

Measure of financial support Subsidizing the partial rate of return on the loan through “Damu” Entrepreneurship Support Fund” JSC.
Project requirements to get subsidies The Applicant’s Project should have the potential for energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction СО2.
Minimum energy saving level:
15% in sectors А – Е.
45% in sector F.
Lending purpose 
Investments, working capital financing 

Amount of subsidies 10% per annum of the rate of return on the loan.
Loan amount No more than 350 000 000 tenge.
Loans will be granted in tenge only.
Subsidy term 3 years, with possible maturity postponement up to 6 years.
City infrastructure sectors (A) Municipal district heating;
(B) Municipal water supply;
(C) Public buildings;
(D) Multi-apartment residential buildings;
(E) Municipal treatment plants;
(F) Outdoor and interior lighting;
(G) Other sectors of city infrastructure by the PMC decision.
The following persons are executives of the low-carbon project: — The owner of the facility (buildings, engineering networks and systems, energy sources etc.) having a work experience of at least 2 years in providing energy services;
— Specialized service (energy service) company.
Requirements to recipient of subsidies — legal entity must be registered with the registration authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
— have civil legal capacity to conclude business contracts (certificate of state registration / re-registration, constituent documents);
— be solvent, not be subject to liquidation, its property should not be seized, its financial and economic activities should not be suspended in accordance with the law (certificates confirming the absence of debts in servicing banks, tax and other authorities, financial statements for the last 2 (two) years preceding the year of submitting application for financial support;
— legal entity or its subcontractor (co-contractor) should not be on the List of unreliable taxpayers / List of unreliable potential suppliers / Register of bad-faith parties to public procurement transactions / List of false enterprises according to the UN list (UN Security Council, UN Procurement Division and other UN disqualification lists);
— have at least 2 years of work experience in implementing projects related to energy saving and energy efficiency improvement before the date of submitting an application for consideration to the Secretariat, confirmed by the acceptable method;
— absence of the applicant company on the UN Security Council list 1267/1989, UN Procurement Division list or other UN disqualification lists;
Subsidy will not be provided in relation of the loans: — in which the creditor are national development institutions, national companies;
— which are allocated at fulfilling obligations undertaken following the results of procurement procedures of international and state organizations / institutions;
— the rate of return on which was cheapened by budgetary funds.
For details on the Program refer Website of “Damu” Entrepreneurship Support Fund” JSC UNDP or contact 1408 of call center