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Soft-window facility for small and medium-sized business entities

Soft-window facility is aimed at supporting small and medium-sized business entities traumatized by the imposition of the state of emergency by providing soft loans for working capital financing.

General financing conditions:

Target group A small or medium-sized business entity that is a resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan, having confirmation of the deterioration in financial condition due to the imposition of the State of Emergency * in the country.
A state of emergency introduced in the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 15, 2020 No. 285 "On the imposition of the state of emergency in the Republic of Kazakhstan".
Nominal rate of return no more than 8.0% per annum
Currency KZT
Lending purpose working capital financing
Period No more than 12 months
Maximum limit for legal entities – not more than 3.0 billion KZT
for individual entrepreneurs – not more than 50.0 million KZT
Criteria for confirming deterioration in financial condition compliance with one or more documented criteria that take place during the state of emergency and within 2 months after its cancellation:
  1. decrease in the volume of goods and (or) services sold
  2. delay in payment from buyers
  3. reduction in the number of employees
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