Housing construction program “Nurly Zher”

One of the directions of the Housing Construction Program “Nurly Zher” is the subsidizing the rate of interest on the loans provided by the second-tier banks to private business entities for housing construction purposes.

Terms of the Program:

Name of the Program characteristics Program characteristics
Maximum financing rate The base rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan + not more than 5% per annum
Subsidizing amount the state subsidizes -7% per annum
a difference is paid by the Borrower
Financing currency tenge
Term of financing not more than 36 months
Term of subsidizing
Special purpose Investments, replenishment of working capital for the financing of housing construction, except for the reconstruction or restoration of existing residential buildings
Target group Private business entities determined in accordance with the criteria established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and implementing projects in the construction sector.
Financing industry (CCEA code) 41.20.1 Construction of residential buildings, with the exception of the reconstruction or restoration of existing residential buildings.
For more information, please visit DAMU Entrepreneurship Fund JSC website: https://damu.kz/programmi/detail.php?ELEMENT_ID=4655