Frequently Asked Questions about the Current Operations of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)

1.  Are there any VTB money transfers available within Kazakhstan? Do money transfers from cards of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) to cards of other banks in foreign currency work?

Card transfers within VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) in KZT are available in full measure. Transfers to the cards of other banks, as well as foreign transactions, are not available. VTB (Kazakhstan) offers individuals a service to transfer money from current accounts opened with the bank in Russian rubles to the current accounts with banks in the Russian Federation. You can also make reverse transfers from current accounts with Russian banks to customer accounts with VTB (Kazakhstan). You can make transfers at bank branches.

Transactions with the Russian Federation in Russian rubles are available to the corporate customers of VTB (Kazakhstan) in full measure.

2. Can I withdraw money from the card of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)?

You can withdraw cash from bank cards in VTB (Kazakhstan) branches and ATMs within the territory of the country. If you need cash abroad, we recommend you withdraw cash beforehand and pay with it on the territory of foreign countries.

3.  Can I pay with the card of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) in retail outlets of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on websites, and abroad?

VTB Bank card can be used to pay for goods and services in POS terminals of VTB (Kazakhstan) within the territory of Kazakhstan. Payment on the websites and at foreign outlets is currently not available.

4. Do VTB (Kazakhstan) mobile and Internet banking work for individuals and legal entities?

The mobile application and the Internet version of VTB KZ Online for individuals work. As before, the bank's customers can pay utility bills, mobile communications, and other services presented in the application. Foreign currency transfers and transactions outside the bank are not available.

The Internet version of VTB Business for legal entities works. As before, the following is available for the bank's customers: 24-hour access to accounts, consultations with managers, payments in KZT, intra-bank transactions, and other services. There are restrictions on some foreign currency transactions; you can clarify details from your customer manager.

5. Is lending available in VTB (Kazakhstan)? Can I get loans on the previous terms and conditions?

Applications for loans for both individuals and legal entities are accepted at the bank's website and considered on a case-by-case basis.

6. Can the interest rates on previously issued consumer loans in VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) change?

For all loans previously issued to individuals, as required by legislation, the terms and conditions, including interest rates, shall remain unchanged, as they are prescribed in the loan agreements.

7. How can I repay my loan at VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)?

You can make payments on loans arranged by VTB (Kazakhstan):

  • In VTB KZ Online mobile bank by replenishing the account specified in your credit agreement;

  • At ATMs with cash-in function (cash-in);

  • In the bank's information and payment terminals (IPTs), including those branded with the VTB logo;

  • In QIWI terminals specifying the customer's IIN;

  • In outlets of “Kazpost” JSC specifying the payment code (5223) and IIN. 

To find the nearest VTB ATM or terminal, follow this link

8. What will happen to my deposits, will they continue in effect, will interest be available on them?

The Bank performs all deposit obligations, accrues and pays interest on deposits, as well as performs obligations on cash withdrawal from customer accounts.

You can open and dispose of deposits at branches and remote channels.

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) is a member of the Kazakhstan Deposit Guarantee System, and this fact also guarantees the safety of customer monetary funds.

9. Can I make a foreign currency transfer in VTB within Kazakhstan and abroad?

At the moment, the Bank does not make foreign currency transfers, except for transactions in Russian rubles.

10. Can customers make purchases through VTB’s app for individuals?

VTB KZ Online mobile application does not envisage the possibility of purchasing goods. In mobile banking, the customers can pay utility bills, mobile communications, and other services presented in the application.

11.  Why does the VTB (Kazakhstan) POS terminal not accept payments from all cards?

Currently, the bank's POS terminals accept only VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) cards of Visa and MasterCard payment systems, as well as cards of UnionPay payment system issued by any Kazakhstan banks.

12.  How will the disconnection of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) from VISA affect the customers?

Disconnection of the bank from this payment system does not affect the safety of customers' monetary funds. Customers can use ATMs of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) to withdraw cash. The Bank continues to serve individuals and legal entities, ensuring the high quality of financial services it offers, and is ready to address each issue individually and as quickly as possible. We thank our customers and partners for understanding, calmness, and financial literacy in the current situation.