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Hyundai Accent Family car brand, manufacture year 2014, color - silver, engine size - 1591 cc, sedan, gasoline, automatic gearbox, mileage 53600 km, power steering, ABS, board computer, air bags, air conditioner, climate control, full heating, full e/package, interior - fabric, CD, cur audio, alarm, central locking, alloy wheels. The vehicle is in excellent condition, do not offer the exchange.

Vehicle location: Karaganda

Sale method: Joint sale with the vehicle owner, sale based on the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

No problems with transferring.

Vehicle cost: 2 900 000 KZT (negotiable).

Contact numbers: 8 771 287 43 52 (bank employee), 8 707 731 36 54 (owner).


2 900 000 tenge