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Commercial real estate

Petroleum base with the land plot 6,6018 ha in total area.

Address: Western region of Kazakhstan, Urdzhar district, Kabanbayskiy rural district, Kabanbay village, Zhalanashkol station.

The following buildings and structures are located on the site: 
-  Boiler-house (black oil fuel, fuel oil); 
- Stand-up reservoirs for 3000 m3 (2 reservoirs 3000 м3); 
- Pump station for raw materials (dark petroleum oil); 
- Railway dock of discharge and filling for 16 posts (16 discharge-filling posts); 
- Railroad bay with one crossing and two crossing pieces, 980 m; 
- 2 fire-fighting reservoirs 500m3; 
- 4 posts units of filling into tank-cars; 
- Transformer substation; 
- Clean-up reservoirs of rain-storm runoff; 
- Administrative and amenity building; 
- Fire-engine house;
- Power line 35 kW (HV 35 kW) 11 km in length.

The utility networks as follows are available at the site: 
- Water supply system; 
- Technological heating (steam tracing); 
- Technological pipelines; 
- Electrical power supply system; 
- Household and industrial effluents sewerage system; 
- ASP and alerting; 
- Security alarm system.

There is a possibility to extend the tank battery.
Petroleum base was put into operation in 2012.
Price is contracted.
Information telephone: +7-777-255- 69-16, Kukanov Daniyar.

contracted price

Restaurant, refrigeration chamber with the land plot Atyrau region, Atyrau city, Atyrau rural district, Zhanatalap village, along Atyrau-Damba highway

Restaurant (LitA), total area - 585.7 sq. m.; Refrigeration chamber (LitB), total area - 122,30 sq. m., with adjoining land plot, total area - 0,1500 ha, walls material is shellbrick, year built – 2009. KZT 49 713 800

There will be considered the options of sale on credit under the Special Mortgage Program with interest rate from 8% per annum. We inform additionally that the bid under the Holland method will be held for decrease of the starting value.

Contact telephone: Dakenov Azamat Dzhambulovich,
contact phone: 8 (7272) 330 59 54; 8 701 515 4205.

contracted price 49713800 tenge
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