Deposit «Corporate»

Deposit designed to keep your money with the ability to earn additional income.

Name Condition
Customer segment, which the deposit is offered to
Legal entities, their affiliates and representative offices
Deposit term
1 (one) day to 731 (seven hundred and thirty-one) days
Currency of transactions
Payment of remuneration

at the end of term (on the last day of deposit term)

Amount of remuneration on the deposit is accrued on the daily opening balance and paid to the bank account, opened in the Bank (apart from savings account), requisites of which are given in the Bank deposit agreement.
Minimum deposit amount
150,000 KZT, 1,000 USD, 1,000 EUR,
Supplementary contributions to the deposit
not allowed
Partial withdrawals of deposit amount
not allowed
Capitalization of remuneration
not stipulated
Terms and conditions of premature termination of bank deposit
1) with actual period of Deposit amount allocation of less than 1 (one) month, in accordance with the terms and conditions of Bank deposit agreement, payment of accrued remuneration is not provided. 
2) with actual period of Deposit amount allocation of 1 (one) and more months, remuneration accrued/paid is recalculated and paid at the on-demand rate, valid as of the date of signing the Bank deposit agreement for the actual number of days of Deposit allocation.
Prolongation of Deposit
Not stipulated
Amount of Remuneration rate
Established on a case-by-case basis